Letter - AICTE norms for books /ebooks/ journals/e journals (201X-201X)

ABC Engineering college

Sub: Norms for  books/e-books/ print journals/e journals (201X-201X)


Kindly see the new norms of AICTE  during the academic year 201X-201X for  books/e-books/ print journals/e- journals  for engineering(UG and PG) courses.

I hope that the mandatory norms will be  helpful for preparing  the library budget also.

It is found that an yearly increment of 250 books per branch (UG) and 100 books per branch (PG) required. A total of  1250  (5 UG branch) +200 (2 PG Branch)   =1450 books should be added in 2016-2017 to our engineering college library. Besides 25% of total number of titles and volumes each can be in the form of e-books.!

Print journals requirement consists of 40 journals.( 30 journals  for UG +10 for PG courses respectively.)

For more details please see the Pages from 95 to 97 ,98  and  Appendix 10 of AICTE handbook 201X-201X. 

Yours faithfully,