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 (The wikipedia page is edited and expanded  in July 2014 by Jomy Vettukallel : a librarian by profession and a blogger from Thayyeni .)

Thayyeni(Malayalam:തയ്യേനി) (Hindi:तययेनी ) is an agriculture oriented village under East Eleri Grama Panchayat in the North Eastern part of Kerala near Karnataka border in Kasargod district, India. Although quite rural the village is provided with all the basic amenities of a little town like school,Co-operative Bank, a Nanma store and other retail shops. Thayyeni is a hilly area. It was populated by Adivasis in the early days. A folk dance known as ‘theyyam kettu’ was an important part of the adivasi lifestyle. Being a center of ‘theyyam kettu’ the name ‘Theyyeni’ originated. Thayyeni is 6 k. m. away from Palavayal which is the nearest town.

Thayyeni is an idyllically set place among mountains,and hence for most part of the year is quiet. The Kumban peak one of the highest peaks here is visible from far, though for most part of the year it is covered in mist.Thayyeni Koomban Hill is the highest geographical point of Thayyeni Village. The ambiance of the Koomban Hill is remarkable and once you reach the grass covered hilltop the view is superb. The undulating cloud-topped hills stretch up to the plains and ocean on the horizon. This is unexplored territory for the nature enthusiast and birdwatcher. Komban merge with borders of Thalakavery wild life sanctuary in Karnataka. Thayyeni is a major tourist attraction for nature lovers with beautiful hills, streams and plantations that forms a green blanket to the place.

Jomy Vettukallel, a librarian and a blogger from Thayyeni, has referred to Thayyeni in his blog.Librarian's Dairy  It is one of the few online information sources that describes the place in detail.

Natives of Thayyeni have started a Facebook page too to bring the town into limelight.News and photos of Thayyeni Village can be found here.


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How to reach

The town has been made accessible to the nearest district of Kannur.Public transport in Thayyeni is largely dependent on buses,run by both private operators and the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC),Payyanur Bus Depot. Nearest railway station :Payyannur Railway Station. Route to reach Thayyeni from nearest railway station : Payyanur - Cherupuzha - Pulingome - Palavayal - Thayyeni. The nearest airports are at Kozhikkode and Mangalore in Karnataka state. An airport is being constructed at Kannur.


Early migration took place in 1958.There were about 30 migrated families in this area by 1965.The famine after world war II saw a large scale migration of people from Central Travancore (specially from Meenachil Taluk ) to this area. Majority of them were Roman Catholic Christians who had a different social and agricultural background. They were hard working people and they brought new agricultural practices to this area. They introduced cash crops like Rubber to the local people .The major plantation crops of this areas since then has been Rubber, Arecanut, Coconut, Pepper etc. 

Closest cities, towns and villages

Payyanur [43 km]
Cherupuzha [13 km]
Chittarikkal [8km]
Pulingome [6 km]
Palavayal [5 km]
Chavaragiri [3.5 km]


Thayyeni is part of the Kasargode Lok Sabha constituency and Trikaripur Assembly Constituency .Main political parties in Thayyeni are CPI(M),Indian National Congress,Kerala Congress (M) and BJP.CPI(M) member P.Karunakaran is the present MP from Kasargod. K. Kunhiraman, CPI(M) is the sitting MLA of Trikaripur Assembly Constituency.


Government High School, Thayyeni
East Eleri Co-Operative Bank Thayyeni Branch
Nanma Cosumerfed Store
Thayyeni Post Office (Pin-670511)
Rajeev Bhavan- Congress (I)Committee Ward Office
Y.M.A Reading Room & Library
Civil Supplies ration shop (ARD-205)
Family welfare sub centre
Milma sahakarana sangham
Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopanasamithi Unit office

Religious places

Lourd Matha Church, Thayyeni

Lourd Matha Church, Thayyeni, which comes under the Archdiocese of Tellicheri,Kerala.This parish has 300 Catholic families and 1500 parishners. Thayyeni parish has a filial church, named as Holy Family Church, having 30 families on the hill top at Athiyadukam.Lourd Matha Church, Thayyeni was established as the filial church of Palavayal Church in 1966. It was raised to a parish on May 01, 1982. There is a beautiful grotto near Thayyeni town.The feast of the patroness Lourd Matha is celebrated on the second week of February ever year.

The spiritual organizations like KCYM, CML, Thirubalasakhyam,Mathruvedi, St. Vincent De Paul Society etc. are active in the parish. Ward prayer groups, under the guidance of the parish priest and the Sisters, are also active and they conduct prayer meetings once in a month in each ward.The religious house of St. Martha Sisters here functions along with the parish.

Thayyeniswara Temple,Thayyeni

A temple with name 'Thayyeniswara' is located one kilometer from Thayyeni Town Junction. Theyyam,a popular ritual form of worship is an important feature of this temple which has made it very famous.The Theyyam dance is generally performed in front of the village shrine which is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Kumba in February–March.

Medical Facilities

Currently no medical facilities are available in Thayyeni. The nearest medical facilities are at :

Elavunkal Hospital, Chittarical [8 km]
PHC,Pulingome[6 km]
St Sebastian’s Hospital,Kakkayamchal,Cherupuzha [13 km]
Govt Homoeo Dispensary Kannivayal[9 km]