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Neeloor  (Malayalam:നീലൂർ ) is an agri-oriented rural village in Meenachil Taluk,Kottayam,Kerala State,India sandwiched between small hills and situated on the borders of Kottayam district and neighboured to Idukki district.

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Being a rural town, the entire zone is secured by different sort of farming plants and the profound green shade which blankets the land is the indication of flourishing accomplished by the dedicated individuals of this place. The historical backdrop of Neeloor is blurred in the pages of history. At the same time the Sree Dharma Shasta Temple, Ambalabhagam two km away from Neeloor town shows that the place claims hundreds of years old legacy. The new history begins with the beginning of the 20th century, when people from other areas came to Neeloor and settled there.In 1925 a church was established and soon a primary school was started. The church comes under the Diocese of Palai,Kerala.This parish has now 542 Catholic families and 3015 parishners. 

In 1959 the primary school was upgraded to Upper Primary School and in 1961 a high school was started. The high school was among the first recognised un- aided schools in Kerala and today it is well known as St. Joseph’s English Medium High School and has a long history of 100% pass in SSLC Examinations. A CBSE school is also functioning along with it.


  • AD 1650 - Neeloor Temple established
  • 1925 - Foundation of St.Xaviour's Parish Church
  • 1927 - Establishment of St.Joseph Chappel at Neeloor Town
  • 1934 - St.Joseph L.P School established
  • 1934 - Construction of St.Benedict Mount Shrine at Ellumpuram
  • 1955 - Neeloor Post Office functioned
  • 1960 - L.P School upgraded to U.P School and inauguration of Neeloor Service Co-Operative Bank.
  • 1962 - Established NSS office at Amabalabhagam
  • 1961 - St.Joseph EMHS established
  • 1963 - Savio Home-Boy's Hostel founded and Palai-Thodupuzha Bus service started
  • 1964 - St.Joseph statue created at Neeloor town
  • 1966 - Pala to Kattappana Bus Service through Neeloor
  • 1972 - Electricity came to Neeloor
  • 1984 - Vincent De Paul Society started
  • 1987 - Renovation of Parish Cemetery
  • 1997 - SNDP Gurumandhiram founded
  • 1998 - Inauguration of a 20 shutter building at Neeloor town

First in Neeloor

  • First Hindu family in Neeloor - Arackal family
  • First Christian family in Neeloor - Alackal family
  • First Vicar of Neeloor Parish -Fr.Youseph Munjanattu
  • First Teacher and Postmaster-Shri.V.M Thomas Vallompurayidatthil
  • First secretary of Neeloor Co-Operative bank -Shri.A.C Michael Ariparambil
  • First Priest from Neeloor Parish-Fr.peter Thomas Kandavanatthil (1964)

Neeloor's economy is mainly depends on agriculture. Major part of the agriculture area is utilized for natural rubber cultivation. Different harvests, for coconut, pepper, coco, tapioca, banana, ginger, turmeric, and so forth are likewise being cultivated.Cattle, goat and chicken are the primary domesticated animals raising here.A Milma Ksheera Sahakarana Sangham is working here to give necessary direction to this part.


  • St.Joseph English Medium High School, Neeloor
  • Neeloor Co-Operative Bank Head Office
  • Neeloor Post Office (Pin-686651)
  • St. Joseph's UP School Neeloor
  • NSS Karayogam Office
  • SNDP Gurumandiram
  • Savio Home-Boy's Hostel, Neeloor
  • Gorethi Bhavan-Girl's Hostel
  • Sacred Heart Convent, Neeloor
  • SH Nursery School,Neeloor
  • Akshaya e-centre
  • Nabard Information Center
  • Milma ksheera sahakarana sangham

Religious Institutions

  • St. Xavier’s Church, Neeloor
  • St.Joseph Chappel, Neeloor Town
  • Sree Dharma Shasta Temple, Ambalabhagam, Neeloor
  • St.Benedict Mount Shrine,Ellumpuram

Closest cities, towns and villages

  • Palai [17 km]
  • Thodupuzha [18 km]
  • Kollapally [9 km]
  • Muttom [9 km]
  • Mattathippara [5 km]
  • Karimkunnam [11 km]

Neeloor is part of the Kottayam Lok Sabha constituency and Pala Assembly Constituency (Neeloor was one of the part of Poonjar Assembly Constituency till 2011). Main political parties in Neeloor are Kerala Congress (M),Indian National Congress and BJP.Kerala Congress (M) member Shri. Jose K. Mani is the present MP from Kottayam.Shri.K.M Mani is the sitting MLA of Palai Assembly Constituency.

How to reach
People of this area depend on road network for transportation.There are no railway network passing through this village.Neeloor town has been made accessible to the nearest railway station Kottayam.Route to reach Neeloor from nearest railway station :Kottayam - Palai - Kollappally- Kurumannu - Neeloor.Palai and Thodupuzha are the nearest towns and one can reach Neeloor easily by bus from the two towns. The nearest airport is at Kochi (Cochin International Airport).
Main Road routes to reach Neeloor town

  • Kottayam - Palai - Kollappally - Kurumannu ->Neeloor
  • Thodupuzha - Karimkunnam - Kollappally - Kurumannu ->Neeloor
  • Thodupuzha - Karimkunnam - Mattathippara - Neeloor
  • Thodupuzha - Muttom - Thudanganadu - Vichattu Kavala ->Neeloor
  • Erattupetta - Melukavu - Maryland - Inchikavu->Neeloor
  • Erattupetta - Melukavu - Kanjiramkavala - Ellumpuarm - Kandathimavu->Neeloor

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