Neeloor is a beautiful town sandwiched between little rises and located on the outskirts of Kottayam region, Kerala and neighboured to Idukki locale. Pala and Thodupuzha are the closest towns and one can arrive at Neeloor effortlessly by transport from the two towns. Being a penny percent rural town, the entire zone is secured by different sort of farming plants and the profound green shade which blankets the town is the indication of flourishing accomplished by the dedicated individuals. The historical backdrop of Neeloor is blurred in the pages of history. At the same time the old temple records shows that the town claims a hundreds of years old legacy. 

                                    Neeloor Town an aerial view :Photo credit By Lino Sebastine 

The new history starts with the start of the twentieth century, when individuals from different regions came to Neeloor and settled there. In 1925 a congregation was built and soon an elementary school was begun. In 1959 the elementary school was redesigned to Upper Primary School and in 1961 a secondary school was begun. The secondary school was around the initially distinguished un- helped schools in Kerala and today it is well known as St. Joseph's English Medium High School and has a long history of 100% pass in SSLC Examinations. Inn offices are accommodated young men and young ladies.An ICSE school is additionally working alongside it. Numerous illuminating presences in legal, authoritative and police administration, media, therapeutic and building fields are previous learners of the St.joseph's High School.

St. Joseph's Chapel located  at the Neeloor Junction close to the school grounds is a well know traveler end of the line. It's delightful outline is the first endeavor in Kerala to get free from the customary church styles.
A great library with a track record of  seven decades and with many books is the social focus of the town. The lofty top of Noorumala overlooks the village. On the eastern side is Ellumpuram also called St.benedict Mount, because of the small shrine on the slope top. On the highest point of the mount is a wide and flat rock. A cool wind is dependably there and the surrounding perspective from that point is novel.

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The Union culture ministry’s programme to rejuvenate the library network in the country is a welcome step to reintroduce the role of books and reading in people’s lives.
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