Why i always prefer to drive an Ambassador Car ?

Ambassador Car : Ambassador crowned world's best taxi by BBC Top Gear in 2013
  • Comfortable and Spacious car
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Much Less Expensive
  • Long Term Savings on Maintenance
  • Best Off-Road Ability
  • Mileage - Around 17-21 km/L
  • Strong Metallic Body
  • Classic Design
  • Powerful Engine
  • Good Boot Space
  • Better Back Seat Drive
  • Strong Well Built Body line
  • Safe Structure
  • Very Easily Repairable
  • Spare Prats Availability
  • Load Up To 8 People at a Time
  • It Had Good Suspensions 
  • Ideal For The Rugged Indian Terrain.
  • Six Colour Options - Jet Black, Lunar Silver, Fire Brick Red, Oyster Blue, Ecru Beige And Crystal White.
 Some of My Suggestions to improvement
  • Reduce the Weight
  • Make the Turning Radius Smooth.
  • Change The Interior.
  • Change the Dash Board Plastic.
  • Add ABS
  • Reduce the price tag to 3-4 Lakhs