Malayalam translation services in Google translate

A petition to Google

We  need malayalam translation services in Google Translate.Google Translate,a free multilingual statistical machine from Google Inc. provides translation services for written text. In the 24th stage of the project (Launched June 2011) 5 new Indic languages (in alpha) and a transliterated input method: Bengali,Gujarati,Kannada,Tamil,Telugu were added but Malayalam langauge - the Classical language has been excluded.
Malayalam, spoken in India, is a language predominant in the state of Kerala. It is one of the 22   officially recognized languages of India specially in the state of Kerala and in the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. It was declared a classical language by the Government of India in 2013. Belonging to the Dravidian family of language it is spoken and cherished by approximately 37.5 million people.

People of Kerala enjoy the highest proportion of  Internet access facility and Internet usage than in any other Indian state.The government of Kerala has initiated measures to improve computer and ICT skills of people living in Kerala  through  the Akshaya Project and the IT@School Project. These projects  have  played a major role in enhancing e-literacy by conducting  training programmes in association with Kerala State IT Mission and various IT companies.Both projects aim at bridging the digital divide, providing training in basic computer skill  and enabling availability of relevant content through the use of Malayalam language .The Akshaya Centres located all over Kerala  have emerged as a major channel between government and citizens, services which now work as a backbone of the governance system in Kerala.

Thus, all activities of the program reach their goal through Malayalam Language and Malayalam Computing. Furthermore, Kerala  also has the highest number of users and promoters of free and open source softwares. The better use of websites and information necessitates a translation service. Consequently, it's highly recommended that Google start  translation services for Malayalam in Google Translate.

Why Google translation for Malayalam?

1.To transalate all websites,webpages in English to Malayalam and vice versa
2.All Wikipedia articles can easily translate to Malayalam
3. To enable fast, easy translation from one language to another, directly on a Computer , smartphone or tablet.
4.Translate  english PDF eBooks
5.A Universal Communicator in Your Pocket
6. Convenience of use
7.Fast, accurate translation
8.Simple user interface for all  (UI)
9.Independence from sponsorship.
10.Three other south indian languages (Tamil,Kannada,Telugu) have already been included Google Translation

Written by Jomy Jose :a malayalam language lover and fighter for malayalam mode education system  from Primary to Ph.D level
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