1.Electronic Transaction security system
2.Online book Shopping
3.Message Management System
4.Automatic Remote Backup
5.Network Monitoring System
6.Online Library System
7.Opticall Character Recognition system
8.Task Management System
9.Office Automation
10.Web + Mail Crowler
11.Online Examination
12.Network Monitoring Based on Java
13.A Network Based University /College Dept Library Co- Ordiantion System
14.Internet On Demand - Web Browser And Copier
15.Anti - Viruses
16.Network Management Tool
17.Digital Image Processing
18.Web Based Proxy Sever
19.Online Polling
20.Barcode Generation

21Wireless Voice Over IP
22.Text to Speech Technology
23.Biometric - The Security System
24.Web Based Administration of Lunix Sever
25.The Application of Stock Technology
26.Online Test
27.E-Mail Server Using SMTP
28.Network Vigilator
29OCR in Hindi
30.Web Server
31.Network MAnagement And Internet Tools
32.Wireless Application Protocol
33.Virtual Libraries
34.Electronic Mail Server
35.Bluetooth Hotspot
36.Result Alert System With E-mail and SMS
37.Face Recognition in e-attendance
38.Chat Server
39.E-Mail Campaign System
40.Implementation of Security in WAN in Library

41.Intruder Detection System Over Abnormal Internet Sequence
42.Network Monitoring for Remote Task Executor
43.Securable Network in three-party Protocols
44.Security System For DNS Using Cryptography
45.Web Enabled Interactive Work Order System
46.Web Mining
47.Development of an Online Course Portal for a campus
48.Chat Server and Client Application
49.Implementation Of a Mini Search Engine
50.Student Attendance Management System
51.Student Information System
52.Inventory Management System
53.File Compression
54.Enhancing an Application Server to Support Available Components
55.Employee Tracking System
56.Digital Diary Project
58.Secure Group Communication
59.Low Cost Wireless Internet
60.Digital System Architecture

61.Bluetooth Project
62.Computer Troubleshooting Intelligent System
63.Customer Complaint Report Software
64.Comparison Of Clustering Algorithms
65.Comparison & Simulation of Different Queuing Models
66.Implementation of Software Management and Maintenance
67. Library Management System
68.Content Management sysytem
69.CD library management
70.Smart card
71.Hi -Fi
73.Wi-Fi hotspot
74.Self-Managing Computing/RFID
75.Unified Modeling Language (UML)
76.E-Cash Payment/Fine System
77.Mobile IP and User Tracking system
78.Wireless USB
79.Holographic Data Storage
80.Social Networking

81.Source code management
82.Grid Computing
83.Linux Clustering
84.Institutional Repositories Development
85.Open Access
86.Koha Library Software
87.Digital video browser and multimedia content search
88.Semantic WEB
89.E-Commerce related project
90.User Interfaces for Web Applications
91.Impact of the implementation of IS in an organization
92.Elasticity and extensibility of software: a challenge for the global accessibility of information   systems
93.Portability: a challenge for the global accessibility of information systems
94.Adaptability of software: a challenge for the global accessibility of information systems
95.The modular computer systems: challenge for the successful deployment of computer systems
96.Communication of players and software deployment
97.The warning system and its importance in information systems
98.ICT and creativity
99.ICT & Competitiveness
100.ICT and the effectiveness

101.ICT and efficiency
102.e-Learning and mobile learning
103.Internet Service-oriented platforms
104.Peer-to-Peer Systems and applications
105.Web-advertising and Web-publishing
106.Multimedia and Webcasting
108.Wireless and user mobility109Internet imaging localization and archiving
110.Human/Machine interface and man-in-the-loop control
111.Self-monitoring, self-diagnosing, self-management systems
112.Digital analysis and processing
113Digital information processing (Voice/Data/Video)