Renewal of Contract for Library software

Dear Sir,

Sub: Renewal of Single Point Service Contract for your Library software

We would like to inform you that Annual Service Arrangement of  Library software  is going to be expired on 29/01/2012 In this regard, please send to us   the  fresh Annual Service Arrangement Deed including Service Tax .

Thanking you,

Reminder letter for missing issues


We have subscribed to the magazine "ABC Marketing". But no issues were received yet after May 2013 issue.

Please look in to the matter and send us the issues.

Subscription No.437985/2012
Period of Subscription : 2 years
Ref. Our SBI Cheque No.147445 dated 12/10/2012 for Rs.1920


Dues details

Dear Mr..............
As per library  records outstanding Dues details of Mr.ABC  of BTECH 201X-201X , have been attached.Deduct the amount from their caution deposit and inform  the library asap.


60 Ways To Make Life Simple Again

You see, when we were young we saw the world through simple, hopeful eyes.  We knew what we wanted and we had no biases or concealed agendas.  We liked people who smiled.  We avoided people who frowned.  We ate when we were hungry, drank when we were thirsty, and slept when we were tired.