Stock verification

Dear all,

I am taking the charge of  ABC  engineering college  library  from March 1,2011 onwards. Hence the stock verification of our library was not done by the former librarian; the present collection status of  the Library is not available. It is very important to conduct a stock verification of books and other library related materials.

The library will be closed  for stock verification   from April 1,2011 to April 30,2011 .Please return all books issued by Library  before March 31,2011.

Books can be reissued only after stock verification.


Institutional subscription for database

Hence our institutional subscription for P4XDX database  is going to end,I would like to know the subscription renewal details for the year 201X-201X.Kindly send to us the per-forma invoice also.

Cover Letter for Journal payment

Ref: Your Proforma Invoice No. IP-KR 849 dtd 8/11/2010

Sub: Supply of Journals

  Please find enclosed a multicity cheque for Rs. 7050 /- in favour of  M/S ICF A/c being the subscription value of the following journals

1. Case Management
2. Effective Executive
3. HRM
4. Brand Review
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Knowledge Management
7. Management Research
8. Marketing Research  Review
9. Organizational Behaviour
10.   Supply Chain Management.

Kindly acknowledge receipt. The period of subscription shall be from January to December 2011 and arrange for dispatch of the Journals by Post from January 2011 onwards. Please see to it that the Journals are supplied regularly without break as and when they are published and arrange for the supply of any missing issue.

Encl: Multicity cheque No.45888 dtd 8/11/2010 for Rs.7050 /- on State Bank of India